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How to place an ad

This is a tutorial on how easy it is to place an ad online to go into our print edition and online.

You will be on your way to putting cash in your pocket for your services, or sell-able items.

The easy steps to placing an ad are as follows:

1 ) Click the button that say “Place Your Ad In Print” and click next.

2 ) Type your ad in the text box and select your track for non-business, business, or multi-city ads, then click next.

3 ) Select the your city you want to run your ad in, then click next. There are a few options for online and print.

4 ) Select the “Special of the Week” button if you want a special. Select “Standard Ad” if you want to place an ad in print. Select “Free Online-Only Ad if you want to place an ad that does not go in the print edition.

5 ) Build your ad and click next when your options are completed. The price will automatically appear on the right and at the bottom of your ad builder section.

6 ) Ad your images or video. You will need to have a YouTube account to attach your videos to your ad.

7 ) Review your ad to ensure all your ad options are selected, click the check box to ensure you understand our ad placement policies, and click the submit button.

8 ) log in to your account or create an account to submit your ad to.

9 ) Submit your free online ad or pay for your print ad finish submitting your ad.

It really is that easy!!!

Additional Information:

TNOL.com is the American Classifieds / Thrifty Nickel site to place ads in print and online. The locals website, which you are on now, is to help get more exposure for your ads online to bring you better results. This website links directly to the ad placement TNOL.com

At TNOL.com there are three types of ads that can be placed. Which type of ad a city accepts depends on how they choose to participate in our program

In print and online
Online only
In print only

When you begin placing your ad, you will be able to select a city that accepts ads of the type you wish to place.

Deadlines for ads placed online is Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. (E.S.T.) to be printed in the following available print edition. Deadline for ads placed to the publication directly will vary depending on each publications schedule. You may contact the local publication to inquire about their specific deadlines.
Do you need to change or cancel your ad?

If you need to change any information or to cancel an ad that you placed online, you will need to contact that paper you placed the ad into directly.

You can find contact information for all of the publishers featured at TNOL.com here.
Refund Policy

If you placed an ad at your local publication office, and then wish to cancel the ad, you must contact the publisher where you placed the ad.

If you placed an ad online, and then wish to cancel the ad prior to the date the ad is suppose to run, you must contact the publisher where you placed the ad.

If you are requesting a refund for an ad that did not run properly, at all, or for any other reason, you must contact the paper where you placed the ad. If needed, that paper will contact the online office for any additional information. Both offices will work to resolve any refund issues as promptly as possible.

Please note, that if your ad did not appear online in a certain city, it does not mean that your ad was not printed. Please contact the publisher where you placed the ad for additional information on publishing your ad in a printed edition of a publication and on the website.

You can find contact information for all of the publishers featured at TNOL.com here.